Joey DeFrancesco: More Music

My vinyl copy of B3 organist Joey DeFrancesco's new album "More Music" just arrived in my mailbox a few days ago!

It was released on September 24, but I suspect supply chain funkiness delayed my pre-order a bit. No worries; it was worth it. It has been great fun to listen to. If you're curious what people think, Brian Payne of Jazz Journal reviews it here. His review boils down to, "If you’re an organ fan then this album is right up your street." I am. It is. I think you're likely to enjoy it as well.

Here's a video of Joey D. performing Soul Dancing from his new album live with Lucas Brown and Anwar Marshall.

If you'd like to buy the album, you can order it here from the record label's website.

It's also available on Amazon and it seems to be on most of the usual streaming services, too.

This isn't a sponsored post -- I'm just sharing something new that I've enjoyed. And if you don't already know who Joey D. is, it's time to get hip, as the kids used to say.

Something else: Looking for something good to read about a local jazz musician? Check out "Jay Epstein: The Secrets of the Twin Cities Workingest Jazz Drummer" by Bill Stieger. A wonderful profile of a great guy. Lots of fun pictures, too! (And you can his upcoming gig schedule and more over on Jay Epstein's website.)

-- Al Iverson